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How big is the PS5? Here’s a good guess – CNET

PS5 console size comparison

The PS5 measured up against other consoles.

Reddit user u/GREBO7

While Sony has unveiled its upcoming PlayStation 5, questions remain not only about the pricing and launch date of the gaming console, but also its size. A Redditer has used the renderings to project how big the PS5 will be, as spotted earlier Friday by The Verge, using the disc drive and USB port to line up sizing.

The prediction, which came from Reddit user u/GREBO7, are based on the assumption that the renders are accurately sized, and that the artist made each component proportional. A bigger console could be justified, though — with the PS5 running powerful AMD GPUs and CPUs, a larger size would allow for cooling.

Sony didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

During its Future of Gaming event Thursday, Sony showed off the PS5 next to the new DualSense controller that was announced in April. The new console is white with black finish and blue highlights, and it’ll come in standard edition with a Blu-ray drive and a disc-less digital edition. CNET sister site GameSpot reported the PS5 uses a solid-state drive, instead of a hard drive like previous PlayStations, and game discs will support up to 100GB in capacity.

A series of games were also announced Thursday, including a sequel to Spider-ManResident Evil 8 and Horizon Forbidden West.

The PS5 is set to launch in holiday 2020.

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