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Save $20 on Resident Evil 3 for Xbox One and PS4 – CNET


We play games to distract ourselves from real life, which is why the story of Jill Valentine’s escape from the virus-infested Raccoon City is so reassuring; it doesn’t seem to allude to anything outside our doors. Actually, when Capcom released the original version of Resident Evil in 1996, little did they know how eerily the game would eventually come to mirror aspects of real life. And now we have a remake of Resident Evil 3 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which has been discounted for its first time since the game was released in April. Right now, you might want to shamble your way to Best Buy, because you can buy Resident Evil 3 for the PS4 $40. That’s $20 off the regular price.

And let’s not leave out the Xbox. You can get Resident Evil 3 for the Xbox One for $40 as well.

The price break is welcome, because as much fun as the remake turns out to be, it’s over all too soon — there’s perhaps six hours of gameplay here, which is brief enough that feels more like an expansion pack than a standalone game. Much of the game plays on a rail, without the option for a lot of free-form exploration. And the game’s Big Bad, the terrifying bioweapon known as Nemesis, is a bit underutilized.

Perhaps to make up for the underwhelming depth of content, you also get Resident Evil Resistance, an intense four-versus-one multiplayer game. So while CNET’s Sean Keane had trouble recommending the game at its original $60 price tag in his review of the Resident Evil 3 remake, $40 feels like it might be the right price. 

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